Hall of Fame - Batting | Ascot Eagles Junior Cricket Club
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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1105148752415324123608363105Sachin KalaleAscot Orange2020/2021Under 12 North4 1Ascot Blue
29114875241532412360838091Sachin KalaleAscot Orange2020/2021Under 12 North8 1Willetton Red
38914875241532412360836189*Sachin KalaleAscot Orange2020/2021Under 12 North3 1Canning Vale Blue
4837573891532412360762683*Oliver CrannyAscot2020/2021Under 16/176 1Roleystone/Karagullen
57812669581532412360837578*Ashley ClaytonAscot Blue2020/2021Under 12 North7 1Willetton Red
67312669581532412360836373*Ashley ClaytonAscot Blue2020/2021Under 12 North4 1Ascot Orange
7689962071532412360762368*Joshua J DaviesAscot2020/2021Under 16/175 1Willetton
8657573891532412360760665Oliver CrannyAscot2020/2021Under 16/171 1South Perth Gold
96414507891532412360656564Micah AkkinapalliAscot2020/2021Under 13 North8 1Willetton Blue
10597573891532412360763459*Oliver CrannyAscot2020/2021Under 16/178 1South Perth Gold
115519071061532412360655855Samuel ChuaAscot2020/2021Under 13 North6 1Canning Vale Black
125417985011532412360830554*Bhuvan Gowda Bangalore ArunkumarAscot Orange2020/2021Under 10 North7 1Riverton/Rossmoyne Green
135112669621532412359379351*Riley ClaytonAscot Orange2020/2021Under 14 North8 1Willetton Red
145011414991532412360656550*Nate TOMASINIAscot2020/2021Under 13 North8 1Willetton Blue
155011414971532412360655450*Fynn TOMASINIAscot2020/2021Under 13 North5 1Willetton Green
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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