Under 10's Club Cricket

Junior Club Cricket - Under 10's


EXCITING NEW U10'S formats were introduced in the 2017-18 season.


The Under 10's competition is a home and away comp, with modified rules. Everyone bats, bowls and fields. The U10's use a smaller, lighter, softer red ball than a full 6 stitcher.

When batting the batter is in full cricket gear - helmet, pads, gloves etc. They bat for an allocated number of overs and if they get out the batters swap ends. Once the batting pairs' overs are up they swap with another pair.

When bowling the bowler can bowl from a short popping crease if they are struggling to make the distance to the other end.

Most games go for around 20 - 24 over per side and often this is split in half again. ie a team bats for 10 overs then fields for 10 overs, then bats for another 10 overs then fields for 10 overs. This is known as quarters cricket and keeps the kids moving and interested and on hot days gives them a break from the sun.

The under 10's play their matches on Sunday mornings. The season runs from around 21st October until end of term 4 then we all break for the summer holidays and start up at the beginning of term one the next year for another 5 - 6 weeks.

There is no ladder or finals played and no game day results, although scores are kept. And believe me at the end of the game all the kids want to do is find out who has won!

The scores are kept so your child's statistics can be loaded in to the mycricket website where you can see how your child is performing. The kids love seeing their names and stats on the website.

 The cost of Under 10's is $120 for the season.  All you need to purchase is the uniform - shirt, pants and hat. Shirts and hats can be purchased from the club as they have our logo on them - $15 hat and $40 shirt.  Pants can be purchased from a cricket store and cost about $30 - $40 or you may find cheaper versions at Kmart / BigW.

KidSport provides a grant to cover the cost of registration fees for healthcare card holders and there is a limited club subsidy available for severe financial hardship - please email to enquire.

The club has a complete team bag with all the equipment.  For hygiene purposes you are encouraged to purchase your own protective cup, less than $10 from a sports store.

If you are interested in registering please click here for our online registration. Or if you have any questions you can email the club at

Download CJCC rules Click Here

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Select Grade:
Grade: SEMJCC:Under 10 North Round: 7 2 Dec 18
Willetton East   drew   Ascot
Grade: SEMJCC:Under 10 North Round: 8 9 Dec 18
Willetton South   drew   Ascot
Grade: SEMJCC:Under 10 North Round: 9 16 Dec 18
Gosnells Gold   drew   Ascot
Grade: SEMJCC:Under 11 North Round: 8 8 Dec 18
Ascot   def   Willetton North
Grade: SEMJCC:Under 11 North Round: 9 15 Dec 18
Riverton/Rossmoyne   def by   Ascot
Grade: SEMJCC:Under 12 North Round: 7 2 Dec 18
Ascot   def   Canning Vale White
Grade: SEMJCC:Under 12 North Round: 8 9 Dec 18
Canning Vale White   def by   Ascot
Grade: SEMJCC:Under 12 North Round: 9 16 Dec 18
Ascot   def   Riverton/Rossmoyne
Grade: SGCL:U15s - South - PSGL Round: 9 8 Dec 18
Ascot    def by   Bateman Junior
Grade: SEMJCC:Under 13 North Round: 6 15 Dec 18
Willetton West   def   Ascot
Grade: SEMJCC:Under 15 Round: 5 2 Dec 18
9 Dec 18
Ascot   def by   Lesmurdie-Mazenod
Grade: SEMJCC:Under 15 Round: 6 16 Dec 18
Riverton/Rossmoyne   v   Ascot
Grade: SEMJCC:U13's GL Round: 8 8 Dec 18
Ascot Angels Blue   def by   Canning Vale
Grade: SEMJCC:U13's GL Round: 8 8 Dec 18
Gosnells   def   Ascot Angels Orange
Grade: SEMJCC:U13's GL Round: 9 15 Dec 18
Roleystone/Karagullen   def by   Ascot Angels Blue