Play cricket for $5??


Health Care Card holders are eligible to apply to have playing fees subsidised. 

The subsidy covers up to $150 per calendar year.  


Step (1) Before you register to play cricket!  


Go to


Follow the instructions.   If you need help, contact us.  


  Kidsport will email you a Voucher Code in about 10 days.


Step (2)  Forward the Voucher Code email to the club -


Don't try to input the voucher code into our registration page, it won't work!


  The club will reply to your email with a CLUB VOUCHER CODE to input into your registration.


Step (3)  Register like normal.  At the payment page enter the club voucher code when prompted.


You'll only be required to pay $5 for insurance.


Unfortunately it is a bit complex - thanks for persevering!! 

Please don't hesitate to contact the club on 0403572046 if you need help.


We know that KidSport does not adequately bridge the gap for all families

There is a limited subsidy offered by the club in circumstances of financial hardship. 

Please contact the club for assistance.